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We've added more new products in our online shop. We recommend USB car charger and a network of M -life . Those products are carefully crafted in a very affordable price.

the most important issue for us is the gratification of our clients

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A few information about our company

It does not matter whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional one, you certainly need a photographic shop, in which you will be able to purchase all objects needed for your work. Our photographic warehouse will live up to the expectations offering photographic equipment and accessories. Moreover, in our offer there are also materials needed for every photographer’s work.

In Bratex photographic warehouse orders are fulfilled instantly. We cooperate with the best courier companies. Prices in Bratex warehouse and Bratex shop are always up to date and extremely attractive. Our photographic company has also got a store, in which the whole stock is kept.

We are aware of the importance of the quality of the products destined for photographers. Therefore, in Bratex photographic warehouse you will only find products of the highest quality and trusted origins.

Inter alia, in our assortment, you are be able to find

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huge availability of goods

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P.H.U Bratex Beata Król

We have been running our company since 1998. During the years of our presence on the market, we have gained the experience which enables our clients to expect high standard of service. The most important issue for us is the gratification of our clients.

  • Pawlikowice 18
  • 99-340 Krośniewice
  • woj. łódzkie
  • NIP 775-203-14-61
  • Regon 610996384

We appreciate constant cooperation based on mutual trust. Our photographic shop stands out form others on the market mostly because of possession of our own store. The whole range of products are available off-the-shelf, because we trade the goods, not the offers.

Below, you will find telephone numbers to our company. You are welcome to call us, so that you will be able to know whether the product is currently available.

  • +48 602 558 333
  • +48 696 430 343

Bratex shop works within borders of Poland. We deliver the goods directly to our clients within Greater Poland (merchants systematically visit their customers) and the whole eastern part of Poland. All the rest of orders are realized by means of courier companies.

You are welcome to visit a website with opinions about our shop (, with comments about our company (, ( and also to see our internet shop.